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Meet Dr. Sarah Houazene

I help teenagers and adults manage anxiety stemming from life transitions and trauma. Anxiety and past experiences should not define one's value or future, so it's important to break the avoidance cycle that many develop. I use a warm and collaborative approach to empower my clients to overcome the barriers that stop them from achieving their full potential. I also have extensive training in managing compulsive behaviours (e.g., OCD, body-focused repetitive behaviours, binge eating).
I offer therapy to people in Ontario and Quebec in both English and French. My therapeutic approach is attachment-based and integrates psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), and third wave CBT.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Teen & Adult Psychotherapy

I offer individual therapy both in-person and online. Our work together begins with an assessment of your challenges, enabling us to tailor the most effective treatment plan for your needs.

Anxiety & Mood Disorders

I offer therapeutic support to individuals facing challenges such as depression and anxiety. Additionally, my focus extends to treating obsessive-compulsive disorder with different approaches, such as Inference-Based CBT and ERP.


I guide clients through the healing process of childhood trauma, fostering a secure and nurturing space for them to navigate challenging emotions and experiences. Together, we develop resilient coping strategies to address both the physical and psychological impacts of trauma.

Relational Difficulties

Delving into the patterns of our relational dynamics is crucial, as they often persist over time. The cultivation of healthy communication skills and the establishment of clear boundaries are essential elements for fostering strong relationships.

Work Stress

I understand the unique difficulties associated with high-stress, high-pressure roles and assist clients in managing stress while striving to achieve an improved work-life balance. My client base includes high-achieving professionals, ranging from corporate executives and tech & startup founders to lawyers.


Lasting changes occur as individuals concentrate on gaining insights into the origins of their challenges, comprehending unconscious processes, and expressing emotions that may have been repressed.

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